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Here are some sites of personal interest that you may want to consider exploring for yourself...
The website of my good friend Rob Buchanan, an extremely talented video game character designer and animator. Check out his site for some really cool game character reels and art! Rob's been my friend since high school and is the most creative and fun person I've ever met...and it shows on his website!
My shop at Cafepress lets me sell apparel, household items, and other things with whatever bizarre art happens to fall out of my head, like "Mutant Baby" merchandise or (my cousin's favorite) the "Don't Patronize Me" t-shirt . Check in here to see what unusual items may be lying around as I'm always putting something strange on there. And I do take requests, as well.
This is where I work! And it's the best job with the best bosses and co-workers I've ever had! If emergency lighting gets you all excited, or if stuff that has to do with AC/DC power really gets your heart racing, then you have to check out this site. If not, then you may not find it that interesting.

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